Nail in the Tire Theory

Nail in the Tire Theory

James Chapter 1 shares a verse that I often repeat to myself whenever I face anything unpleasant of any kind- it’s a verse that basically lives rent free in my head. “My friends, consider it pure joy when you face trials of any kind, because in this life you will have troubles, but take hope, I have overcome the world.” Now, I do not want to bore you with the list of troubles I have, because I am a well adjusted adult who realizes that behind every smile and perfect instagram post is another person who has troubles and faces problems of many kinds. 

I recently heard a sermon that was talking about when the Israelites were in the desert and they ran out of water… the Pastor [who happens to be one of my faves… Pastor Steven Furtick] stated… when people hear faith sermons they always say “but pastor, what i’m going through is so much worse than that”… and  he reiterated… “they ran out of water in the DESERT…and went without water for SEVEN days… not wifi” gosh he is so good! 

Anyway… I was thinking about this… my list of complaints. My most current one has to do with my new cholesterol medication’s side effects. If you have ever dealt with side effects of a medication you know- they are so brutal it’s almost unfair. Anyway… I was thinking about this sermon and my list of woes and I was thinking to myself why do I [and many others] want to share this list of woes from the town square? Why? Now I'm going to get real, real with you all for a minute…just please remember… I'm human… I asked myself… is it because I want pity? Sympathy? A  pat on the back?  People say wow you were able to accomplish all of that in such pain, while under such stress? ….well why Yes… it is… I secretly want the fan fair, I want the acknowledgement… I want the slow mo video montage of all that I was able to do and accomplish while enduring pain, struggles and trials while Mandisa’s Overcomer plays melodically in the background. Then I was disgusted with myself. Why- why do I want the fan faire? [I mean I always did want to be the third Olsen twin and appear on every 90’s family TV sitcom…and every childhood home video is ridiculously over the top… so I’m guessing I have some unresolved issues].....Then I realized Jesus didn’t have a fan fair. Jesus had Friday….. A Friday that was worse than any of my bad days combined. But he also had a Sunday. And I realized… someday… I will have a Sunday like that too. There are so many verses that remind us that even though life can be difficult… it can be beautiful and someday we will receive a reward in heaven so much greater than any video montage. 

So after this amazing realization… I got a nail in my tire. Sometimes it feels unrelenting. It never stops. The pain, the bills, the heartache, then when the dust finally settles and the rain stops… you get a nail in your tire. It’s almost like that one nail is the one that can close the door for good ya know. It’s like sometimes you’ve just had enough. Why can’t life be smooth? Why can’t things be…. Easy. And this is when I have to remind myself… If my life was so easy- would I depend on God for my every need? Would I turn to him? I proved that for years when life was “easy” I didn’t “need” God. I didn’t have a relationship with him. My relationship was forged in the valley. It was forged under pressure [like diamond and gold and all that good stuff] So maybe this is God’s way of saying stay close my child… maybe i’m that kid in Disney who needs to be on a leash [this is in no way a judgment- kids in an amusement park with ice cream have more energy than a formula one race car-  if you need to use a kid leash God bless]. Maybe when I start to get too cocky- too I can do this life thing on my own, when I don’t spend as much time in my Bible or on my knees… I get a nail in my tire to really just remind me that I need to stay close to my savior. I know what I am describing sounds horrible…it depicts God as super mean and horrible-but he’s not. Remember God does not cause bad things to happen, however  might just allow certain things to happen because he knows that’s what I need. The type of Father I need- I need a father who is going to keep me on a tight leash. Honestly... I am totally the type of person who would dart into a gift shop and head straight for the ankle bracelets and tee shirts leaving my entire family behind. 

So now… even when it is frustrating… and it seems like nothing is going right… [or at least as I think they should be] I try my best to laugh and smile… knowing that no matter what trials I face or what happens this new “thing” can bring me closer to God. 

Are you facing trials today? After all the bills, the pain, the sickness, the heartache… Do you have a nail in your tire? Well my sweet friends, can I encourage you to use that nail to bring you closer to the savior… your father… who loves you and will be by your side even though you may walk through the valley of the shadow of death… you do not need to fear because he will be with you! And I would love to come alongside you and lift you up in prayer! You can share any prayer or praise requests with us on our website or email us directly at 

**Here is the verse that lives rent free in my head… but there is definitely a much different inner dialogue than this very polished NIV version. “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds,  because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” John 1: 2-4

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