My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Saved by Grace was born from the pain of losing my dad. His story of faith and hope inspired us to make a difference and share the saving grace of God. My dad was a born again christian, businessman turned minister after I was born. Dad was an instrument of peace and joy to proclaim the good news of Jesus and to give hope to those in need. He was the type of man who gave his last $10 he had to a missionary who was doing God’s work…who would give his umbrella to a woman walking in the rain… those are both legit stories.. I was there for both of them! (And honestly, I was more worried about what we would do at the mall that day without an umbrella…shame on 12 year old me)

Most of my childhood I remember my dad being so proper that he did yard work and gardening in his "work kakis". He took his calling to the ministry to heart and it became his whole world, his life purpose. He wanted to share God's light and love with others. He was a prayer warrior who saved the lives of so many people by leading them to Christ. He was the one who led me to the Lord when I was 7 years old, driving home from Wednesday night church service and Awanas Club. I remember the Amy Grant cassette playing in the background as we drove down the dark and winding roads of the Pocono Mountains, telling my dad (who was currently studying to be a minister) that I wanted to go to heaven some day. That led to a prayer that changed my life. I vividly remember the next morning pulling my baby sister and younger brother into my room and forcing them under the covers of bed and trying to lead them in the salvation prayer so they could go to heaven with me some you can imagine... this did not go as I had planned. 

Although I definitely drifted from my faith and did not have the relationship with God that I needed for many years, my dad still loved me and definitely  relentlessly prayed for me through that time in my life. I often think back and wonder if it wasn't for him, I would not be the person I am today. 

In one of the last nights we had a bible study together, I shared with him that I felt the calling to study God’s word and minister to people. He was excited, I was nervous… but unfortunately we never had the opportunity to have another bible study… but that hasn’t stopped God’s calling! Although my path may look different I truly believe that I am called to share the light and love of God with others and follow in the footsteps of my dad, my inspiration! 

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So beautiful Danielle! Some things I never knew!


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