A few months ago I was walking through the mall with my posse… When you’re 34 your posse consists of your husband, your six year old son, whose legs obviously hurt because we’ve been walking for “like forever” and my sister. I asked everyone if we could walk into a store called Alter'd State. This is a trendy Christian clothing and accessory store, which also happens to sell the specific Bible that I’ve had my eye on for my next Bible purchase. I have been obsessed with the company Hosanna Revival for a while now and they’re leather bound note taking Bibles are what dreams are made of. All the cute trendy girls on social media have them, journal in them and inspire me to be just as cute! I told myself once I finish the goal I’ve set for myself with my current Bible- I’ll move onto a new one! Sidenote on a crazy whim on Amazon prime day I decided to see if Hosanna Revival sold their Bibles on Amazon…spoiler alert they do, and they had their beautiful, hardcover fabric covered Bible on sale for $15! I couldn’t resist! I’m a sucker for a good deal and a pretty Bible!  I’m still hoping to get my hands on one of those leather bound beauties at some point. But I digress. I came across a decorative sign as my son was whining about not getting the stuffed animal that he definitely didn’t need that also cost much more than forementioned Bible. 

But something about this sign really stood out to me so much that I googled it when I got home! Thank God for Google, it really is the wealth of knowledge that Ask Jeeves never could be. The sign read:

People are often unreasonable and self centered. FORGIVE THEM ANYWAY.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish motives. BE KIND ANYWAY.

If you are successful you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. SUCCEED ANYWAY.

If you are honest people may deceive you. BE HONEST ANYWAY.

If you find happiness, some may be jealous. BE HAPPY ANYWAY.

If you do good today, you will often be forgotten. DO GOOD ANYWAY.

Give the best you have and it may never be enough. GIVE YOUR BEST ANYWAY.

Because in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway. 

It  really got me thinking.  Forgive, Show Kindness, Succeed, Be Honesty, Be Happy, Do Good, Give your best… That’s exactly what Jesus would do in any situation no matter the circumstances- no matter the “but” or “however”. 

It made me think about my son; and how I love him no matter what. I know you are thinking… Does this really relate?! Just bear with me… if anything you might just get a laugh out of it…it was honestly one of the most hilarious moments of motherhood. I will never say that being a mom is easy but I also don’t think it’s that hard. Yes, there was the one time I walked around with a hoodie with some baby vomit in the hood for who knows how long but really my son has been pretty much a Breeze. I also have a tribe of family who love me, support me and help raise my son but that’s besides the point. I was thinking about a time when my son was probably 2 1/2 or three years old and got an amazing gift from one of his grandparents. It was all the rage when infomercials were big, they came back again, the magic track. We have the coolest magic track, different pieces of track that are connected with each other. Some glow in the dark and make crazy twists and turns! They had these cool little cars that would just automatically drive on them. One day, I was home alone with our son- yes this is a crucial part to the story- and we were playing with the magic track. Not quite sure how it happened.... It’s really all a blur but the next thing I know my son‘s magic track car [which had wheels that spun automatically…remember] was stuck in my hair! And to top it off… I was the only one home with my son. No one to help me get this car out of my hair! I panicked, I called my mom, I called my sister, I laughed, I cried…those wheels were completely twisted into my hair. I pretty much figured this was going to be either my new hairstyle or I’d have to go bald because this car was pulling on my scalp! I still couldn’t get it out no matter what I tried, or how many mirrors are phone cameras. So I did the next best thing… improvise. I decided to put a winter hat on and that’s where that car stayed until my husband got home. In my head, I pictured my husband lovingly getting a comb and helping me get the car out but that’s not exactly what happened. He took the scissors and cut the car out after trying to get it out patiently for about 2.3 seconds. When I look back at that story I wasn’t mad at my son for putting the car in my hair and I wasn’t mad at my husband for cutting it out of my hair. I loved them anyway! I played with my son anyway- with that car stuck in my hair!  I thought about that magic track and how our lives mirror that windy, curvy track…unexpected turns can pop up out of nowhere… and it doesn’t matter if there is a car stuck in your hair… Sometimes you just have to _____ anyway. [you can fill that blank in with a multitude of things… sometimes you have to love, forgive, be kind…. ANYWAY!]

It gets me back to the idea of Jesus and how he - loved anyway! Some of Jesus’ best friends were literally the worst people ever and he loved them anyway! He walked with sinners and had lunch with liars and cheaters!  I think that our goal should be to constantly remind ourselves what Jesus would [W.W.J.D] do in all situations. Jesus would definitely love, and always forgive, he would do the right thing even when it isn’t the easiest quickest choice. Jesus would most definitely return the shopping cart… even if it’s raining… Anyway! 

If you are interested in some more practical ways to be more like Jesus, take a look at our W.W.J.D Story Series on Instagram!

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